We Dated Years Ago, But…

We Dated Years Ago, But…

-Ex-Black Stars Player Speaks After US-Based Ghanaian Shot Wife, Killed Himself 


Emmanuel Duah, who was at the center of the bizarre murder-suicide incidents in America, involving a Ghanaian chief, Michael Kwabena Amoako, and his wife, Harriet Yaa Gyamfua Aboagye, has broken his silence.

According to Duah, who played for the various national teams, including the senior national team, the Black Stars, he is innocent of the accusation leveled against him by Amoako, now deceased.

The former 1991Black Starlet World Cup Winner said, it is never true he arranged to have a secret wedding with Harriet or made a promise to relocate to the States to join her, for which reason the Sumankwahene of the Asanteman Association in Columbus, Ohio, shot his wife and killed himself.

Though, Mr. Duah confessed that he dated Harriet Yaa Gyamfua Aboagye years ago, he insists there was absolutely no relationship between him and Harriet anymore, even before she left the country.

Duah, who played for the defunct Neoplan Stars and plied his trade in Italy, Belgium and Portugal, said contrary to allegations by the late Amoako that he is having an amorous relationship with Harriet, he only met her once during her mother’s funeral.

Prior to that, he said, he had forgotten all about Harriet until she called, out of the blue, recollecting the past, and inviting him to her late mother’s funeral, which he accepted to attend. He reiterated that they were in a relationship before, but that was decades ago.

Duah’s reaction follows news reports last week that Amoako, 49, had shot Harriet, 50, and killed himself, because she has rekindled her relationship with Duah, her ex-boyfriend, while in Ghana with her sick mother, whom she flew into the country from the US.

Reports had indicated that Amoako had tried to kill his wife, with whom she has three children, before killing himself, but he was unsuccessful.

The incident, which occurred in the presence of the couple’s young children, ended in the death of Amoako, while Harriet is said to be in a critical condition, receiving treatment at Riverside Methodist Hospital.

Before the devastating incident, Amoako had made an audio recording, informing some family members about his intention to commit the atrocity, because of his wife’s plans. In the audio recording, Amoako informed his family about some properties he wanted to be shipped home and also asked that his body be airlifted to Ghana for burial.

Unfortunately, the targets of the audio, according to reports by broadcast journalist Kofi Adomah, did not attach the seriousness it deserved. The incident, which occurred on Wednesday June 7, 2023, is being handled by the Homicide Unit of the Columbus Police.

Speaking to a Kumasi-based YouTube account, by name Otwinoko Ka Mame, sighted by The Anchor, Duah denied every allegation against him, saying he has not married his ex-girlfriend, as it is being alleged.

“I have a family, have siblings, if I am doing something of that nature, I will invite all of them. I can’t hide it from them. If I have done something in secrecy, I will call my brother Thomas Duah, he is the one I will call and tell. There is absolutely nothing like that,” Duah, who is based in Kumasi, said.

To exonerate himself, he prayed for the recovery of Harriet so she comes clear on the matter. Duah, who looked well composed throughout the interview, said he is not perturbed about the issue and so he is going about his usual activities because he knows he is clean.

“Let’s all pray the lady heals so that we all know the truth so that all those speaking on social media will know the truth. A friend even called me and asked if I was hiding in the room and I asked why should I do that? I have not stolen anything; I have not killed anyone so why should I confine myself in a room? If you sit at home, some will even think it’s true.

Yesterday, I was in Adum. If I am walking and you point at me, I won’t bother myself. I don’t even think about that because that can lead to diseases. I don’t think about it. My prayer is that the lady survives and comes back to tell the truth,” he said.

The ex-Ghanaian player, who said he was stunned by the news initially, told Otwinoko that reports that he has or about to marry Harriet and he is relocating to the US were news to him because he is comfortable here in Ghana.

While rubbishing the allegations, he said through his own sweat, he has two houses. He pointed out that he has his children and that his brother, a former Ashgold coach, Thomas Duah, even secured a five-year visa to the US for him, but he did not honour it.

“I was surprised when I heard it initially, then I asked my junior brother about it. The girl I knew her long time ago but if she is standing here even now it will be difficult to identify her. It was just recently that the mother died. I don’t know where she had my number from honestly, but she called me that she’s lost the mother and invited me and I said ok, fine. So, she told me the funeral was going to be around Amanfrom so I said fine.

“The place was far so I didn’t go with my vehicle. When I got there, she was the one that was waving at me because I could not recognize her, then she came to stand by me. She then offered me a seat, so after about 45 minutes, because I didn’t go with my personal car, I asked to leave.

“It was just about 50-40 minutes then I came back. Since that time, I never saw her again. I am not a child. My junior brother went for 5 years US visa I didn’t go. Why is it that when I was given five years visa, I didn’t go there to marry her? I have a house here, I have one in Accra. Is it now that I am going to marry? No! I have my children here. Over 50 years I am now traveling abroad to go and marry? No! I don’t know the number of children they have. The guy they are talking about I don’t even know him. It is disturbing,” he narrated.

Asked if any member of the couple’s families has called to ask about the incident, he responded in the negative, and pleaded with Ghanaians who are accusing him of wrongdoing not to judge the matter when they have not heard from parties involved.

“When an issue comes up, we should hasten slowly to apportion blame. We should hear from the parties involved before we draw conclusion. Let’s pray for the lady to heal and when that happens the truth will come out,” he cautioned.


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