NSMQ 2023: Fijai SHS shines bright, secures spot in Nationals with stellar performance

In a stellar display of knowledge and quick thinking, Fijai Senior High School secured their place in the Nationals of the 2023 National Science and Maths Quiz Regional Qualifiers after an impressive performance in the contest.

Competing against Sankor Senior High School, Asankragwa Senior High Technical School, and Esiama Senior High Technical School, Fijai SHS showcased their intellectual prowess and determination to emerge victorious.

Right from the start, Fijai SHS demonstrated their dominance, taking a commanding lead in the first round of the competition.

Esiama SHTS and Asankragwa SHTS struggled to accumulate points, while Sankor SHS faced a slight setback with a negative score in the initial round.

As the contest progressed into the second round, Fijai SHS continued to widen the gap, showcasing their unwavering focus.

Sankor SHS managed to recover from their earlier setback and secured a moderate score, but it was Fijai SHS who maintained their momentum, solidifying their position as the leading school.

In the final round, Fijai SHS demonstrated their consistent performance, maintaining their impressive lead and further extending their point total.

Despite commendable efforts from Sankor SHS, Esiama SHTS, and Asankragwa SHTS to narrow the gap, Fijai SHS remained unrivaled, securing a resounding victory and a total score of 40 points.

Sankor SHS, Esiama SHTS and Asankragwa SHTS secured 16 points, 14 points and 9 points respectively.


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