Emirate Airlines, ISD To Train Gov’t PROs

A delegation from the Information Services Department (ISD), led by the director of the Public Relations Coordinating Division (PRCD), Mrs. Ethel Codjoe Amissah, has called on Madam Catherine Mary Wesley, the country manager, Emirates Airlines Ghana, to among others discuss arrangements to partner in training of government public relations officers (PROs).

The visit, which took place on Friday, May 5, 2023 was to strengthen an earlier discussion on areas of collaboration, in partnership with Emirates Airlines, on public relation related activities to foster growth between the ISD and the Emirates Airlines.

Receiving the delegation, Madam Wesley expressed excitement and readiness to partner the Information Services Department to train the PROs to help boost productivity in their line of work.

According to the country manager, the Emirates Airlines will, in January 2024, be celebrating its 20th anniversary of working in Ghana and hoped for continuous collaboration with the government in the coming years.

“I am proud of the working relations and strong commercial ties we have been able to build over the years in Ghana,” she said.

The visit was also to introduce the winners of the 2022 Government PR Awards to the country manager.

Madam Wesley congratulated the awardees and urged them to strive harder to keep winning every year.

“If you are passionate about what you do, and you give it your all, and strive at it, you will always succeed. Passionate people always stand out from the crowd,” she stated.

Mrs. Amissah, on her part, expressed profound gratitude to the Emirates Airlines for their support towards capacity building training for government PROs.

She presented ideas on how the ISD’s Public Relations Coordinating Division intends to leverage on this partnership and create an even lasting relationship with the Emirates Brand through the PROs, adding that she will ensure PROs from all over Ghana highlight the Emirates Brand in their communications as much as possible.

According to the Director PRCD, the PROs alike are open to learning from Emirates Airlines as they have established themselves with such an excellent communication and marketing strategy which sells the brand.

On behalf of the award winners, the Overall Best PRO of the Year 2022, who doubles as the head of Public Relations at the Lands and Natural Resources Ministry, Mr. Abraham Otabil, thanked the Emirates Airlines team in anticipation of their continuous support for Government PROs in the discharge of their duties in Ghana.


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