Bawku Thugs Invade Man’s House In Accra

The protracted ethnic conflict in Bawku in the Upper East Region appears to be traveling down southern part of Ghana, following a failed attempt by some thugs to assassinate one Abdul Rahman Lukman in Accra.

The 43-year-old man, who resides in the national capital, but hailed from Bawku, was moved to tears when he narrated the incident, which, he insists, could have claimed his life.

According to the disturbed Lukman, the incident occurred last Saturday, 8th April 2023 at an unnamed location in Accra.

Even though he escaped the wrath of the thugs, his uncle, according to him, has gone missing with suspicion he may have been killed.

He said the alleged thugs from Bawku stormed his house at gun-point in the middle of the night to ostensibly assassinate him.

The thugs apparently were acting on suspicion that Lukman was sponsoring one faction in the ongoing conflict in that part of the country with arms.

But fortunately for him, the armed thugs met his absence, as he had apparently traveled outside the country, together with his family for vacation.

According to close sources, one Suleman Nurudeen, who is the uncle of Abdul Rahman, lives in Bawku but stays with Lukman whenever he travels to Accra to do business.

Unknown to Lukman, his uncle, Suleman, was allegedly an arms dealer, who supplies one of the factions in the Bawku conflict with guns.

The opposing faction, apparently got a hint that Suleman was getting finance from Lukman and Habibu Nurudeen, to buy the arms to transport Bawku.

They, therefore, plotted the attack by sending mercenaries all the way from Bawku to ‘silence’ Lukman and Habibu in Accra with weapons.

They were, however, overtaken by events when they stormed Lukman’s Accra abode only to meet his and entire family’s absence due to a short vacation abroad.

The gang, however, made their presence felt and made it clear what their mission was to neighbours who were awoken by the loud chants by the gang.

They also allegedly destroyed a lot of properties in the house. Now that wasn’t all that happened.

Lukman and the extended family in Bawku are still worried, because the uncle, Suleman, has gone missing, he has not been heard from, and all efforts to locate him have so far proved futile.

As a result, there is suspicion that the thugs may have apprehended him, possibly killed him and dumped his body somewhere else.

Bawku is one of the 15 districts in the Upper East Region.


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