NDC’s Plot For Akufo-Addo’s Men In 2025 Out

An aide to former President John Dramani Mahama and private legal practitionerhas given a preview of what is expected to happen to perceived corrupt appointees of the President Akufo-Addo administration, in the event that Mr. Mahama returns to power again after the 2024 elections.

According to Godwin Edudzi Tamakloe, who is also a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC’s) Legal and Communication team, Mr. Mahama will shift from the past, and there will be “gnashing of teeth” and those in government today who will be found foul of the law “will have to run.”

Without mincing words, the young lawyer warned that what will be witnessed by Ghanaians will be “more than a coup,” insisting that, the next NDC government will not tolerate anybody, especially chiefs who may be prevailed upon to intervene on behalf of offending appointees.

“The second coming of John Mahama, in the English Language, we say there will be gnashing of teeth. People will run. I won’t say much. Herrrr, the second coming of John Dramani Mahama, the grandson of NdewuraJakpa, what I have seen, heard, I can’t say them. Bobie, what will happen in this country, it will be heavier than a staged coup. I won’t say much here. At that time, no chief should therefore come begging. If they have anything of the sort, they should do the begging now.”

Mr.Tamakloe, who is also referred to as an aide to the former President, said the call, which is coming from both prominent and ordinary Ghanaians, is a very important concern, and the sure way the NDC can complete its four-year mandate and even ask for additional two terms.

He said President Mahama, who is often seen as a calm and gentle leader, will be seen in a way many have not seen before, indicating he will be “roaring like a lion” in the full glare of Ghanaians.

Speaking on Accra FM’s ‘Citizen Show’ on Monday February 13, he said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has learnt bitter lessons from the President Akufo-Addo-led government, not to sit up the next time the party is handed power.

He said the largest opposition party, which in the past governed with the catch phrase ‘Father for all’ under late Prof. John Evans Atta-Mills, will this time dish out what their predecessors really deserve from 2025.

Opening up briefly on what is ahead, Edudzi said he is convinced the second term of the next Mahama government will be a totally different thing.

The private legal practitioner, who did not want to divulge a lot of the information on the chest of the NDC, said per what the NDC has witnessed from 2017, it will be suicidal if they do not heed to calls to deal ruthlessly with appointees of the current government who may have questionable stewardship.

“The many things that have happened in the past, we have learnt so much from them. The Bible says when Christ came the first time, he came as a sheep, but this time round, he will come like the conqueredLion of the Tribe of Judah.

People don’t know but this is public place, so it’s not everything we can say here, I am telling you from 2017, Bobie, if we don’t do certain things, we won’t even complete our years. Oh yes!  I am saying that if we don’t do certain things, we can’t even complete our four years.”

In the past, the two dominant political parties -NDC and the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) – have always had two terms before they are kicked out of government.

While the NPP is now battling to retain power for the third term, the NDC is working to unseat them.

According to Mr. Tamakloe, the NDC is aiming to stay in power for 12 years, if it wins power from 2024 and will not want their agenda to be thwarted simply because they failed to do what the people asked them to do.

“There are some people who say they will vote for the NDC, just so people are made to account for their work. They say ‘if we do not do the do,’ even four years, we can’t finish, but we are looking forward to stay in power for 12 years. For the first time, our own people are telling us that if we do not do what they say, they will campaign against us,” he told the host.

He said that, in his encounter and dealings with people, he has come to understand that people are looking forward to the NDC to come to power to ensure nothing but accountability. In the words of these people, they will go on naked demonstration if the next NDC government fails to ensure to punish those who fail to account.

“You meet a prominent citizen and he tells you, Edudzi, the ills these people have perpetuated, if you people spare them, you won’t complete your four years. He said I will go on naked demonstration against your government.”

Asked by the host, Kwabena Bobie Ansah, if that was really the case, he retorted, saying the party, including the former President, is aware of the expectations of Ghanaians and will do just that.

“Don’t say it. This is public place, so I don’t want you to say a lot of the things. We need to shelve some of them.”

The NDC firebrand added, “I have met prominent people and that is their biggest concern. There’s this big lawyer I am working with who told me, look, I don’t vote for the NDC, but with what I have witnessed, if you people don’t punish these people, you won’t be able to complete your term. He told me straight away then I sat up. Ghana will be the place to be.”

According to him, the lawyer told him, “I don’t want anything from your government. People must account for their stewardship – that is all, nothing more. I don’t need anything, adding “Edudzi, see me, I don’t need anything, I am your senior over 35 at the Bar. For posterity sake. We are aware of people’s concerns.”

Source: Anchorghana

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