Food Shortage Hits SHSs Again

The problem of food shortages in Senior High Schools (SHSs) across the country has reared its ugly head again with students currently at the receiving end.

Students, who resumed school about three weeks ago, were said to have been met with hunger because of the inadequate food supply.

The latest development has left parents and guardians deeply worried, in spite of incessant denial by the Ministry of Education and its officials.

The situation, according to The Anchor’s information, has left some students currently surviving on their paltry provisions brought from home, since they are not being fed well.

Although the situation is said to be dire, some heads of schools were tightlipped when contacted, presumably for fear of victimization.

But some parents who are unhappy with the situation have criticised the government for its supposed arrogance and indifference toward the lamentations about food shortages in the schools.

Calling into Accra-based Joy FM’s Super Morning Show programme yesterday, January 23, during an interview with the Education Ministry’s spokesperson, listeners were furious about his tons of “praise singing.”

The spokesperson, Kwasi Kwarteng, had earlier said there were abundant food supplies at the schools, including PRESEC-Legon, St. Thomas Aquinas SHS and Konongo SHS.

However, parents who called into the programme were of a different view.

While some lamented about the impact of the food shortage on their wards, others fumed about the arrogance Mr. Kwarteng portrayed on the show.

“What is he saying? He should just humble himself and listen to the concerns. He cannot just come and sit on radio and sing his praises. We all know that our kids are suffering in school; they [our wards] tell us that they are not being fed well.

“Has the PRO been roaming in all the SHS schools in Ghana? Headmasters are being victimized and when you are being informed, the arrogance you are exhibiting. You don’t even want people to talk,” one Fred fumed.

Another caller known as Adu-Gyamfi added, “The PRO threw a challenge to you in the studio that follow him with your cameras to any SHS and I can bet my last pesewa including my haircut that there is no food supply in Schools.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Kwarteng acknowledged the challenges the education minister has taken full responsibility for the current food crisis.

He further noted that the ministry is working earnestly to resolve the challenges across the country.

Source: Anchorghana

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