Discovery Bay Int’l Celebrates 5 Years of Success

Discovery Bay International School (DBIS), a private educational facility providing quality education at Ziopein Agotime-Ziope District in the Volta Region, has celebrated five years of great milestones.

The school, since its existence, according to the co-founder and principal, has worked hard to ensure services it offers to students meet the best standard in Ghana and globally.

Mr. Kingsley Dzidzor Afetorgbor noted that because of its adherence to the best practices, DBIS got affiliated to some of the leading educational organizations, like Edify Ghana, which train their teachers and management, as all the courses being run by the school are affiliated to the University of San Diego in the USA.

Addressing parents and staff, as well as guests, during the 5thanniversary, which coincided with the graduation and awards ceremony, Mr. Afetorgbor said the school has been up-to-date with the new educational system in the country.

“The Ghana educational system is worldwide well-known for its strength in pedagogy, which equips the teachers with the appropriate tools, which are the keys for successful teaching – and learning! Using the latest methodological and didactical tools in class, DBIS has herewith set a benchmark in the educational market in the region.  This is the beginning for a significant change in the educational market in the Agotime-Ziope District and we are glad to be part of it.”

“For being up to date in latest pedagogy from the new educational approach – we are proud to say that DBIS got affiliated to some of the leading educational Organization like Edify Ghana, which train our teachers, and management. And all courses are affiliated to University of San Diego in the USA,” he stated.

He mentioned that, management will continue to go the extra mile to ensure that students receive the best training through standard teaching and learning.

Mr. Afetorgbor also advised parents to assist their children to cultivate the habit of reading and make books their companions.

He has, therefore, called on parents to make time for their children so that they can continue to support them to perform well in school.

According to him, “within just five years of existence, DBIS was able to make a paradigm shift, transforming from a primary to an international school providing one of the strongest Curricula in Ghana.”

He said with the determination to provide quality education, “the school currently has full internet connectivity to its ICT Laboratory which the students use for their research work and other activities,” adding that, “From next academic year learners from Grade 1 to Grade 6 will start coding and VCG programming.”

“Besides the input coming from outside, DBIS has generated an internal quality management, in which teachers get regularly observed and further trained to achieve continuous best results in the execution of teaching,” he said.

“The children who have already left us to other schools have benefited greatly hereof, and easily continued their academic training in their new schools. Most of them are much ahead to the average, which is the result of our inter-year class-concept, which promotes the kids according to their capabilities – and not just according to their age-group!

“Our small-size classes reflect upon the individual potentials rather than teaching big classes on average, due to a lack of teachers’ capacity in paying attention to individual needs.”

Touching on the background of the school, he said “DBIS’s history has its roots in September 2017, the date of formal incorporation at the Registrar General’s Department office, Agotime District Assembly and Social Welfare Department. On the inauguration of the school in 2017 we started with just the Pre-School and kindergarten school with the number of just six kids at the age of 8 months and 5 years at the first day of opening.”

“Over the first one and a half years, the number of children increased but also in age, which led us to shift in September 2018 from our first small building in to a much bigger facility – which is our today’s main building. In addition to the kindergarten and primary levels (grades1-6), from next academic year we will start providing education for children up to 9th grade.

“Due to the ongoing further development of the school, we once again had to expand in space in order to start boarding facility to promote intense quality education which can be well monitored and supervised by teachers on campus.”

He thanked dedicated teachers, particularly Director One, Mrs. Rosaline Afetorgbor Abayatey, for their unwavering support, as well as the entire staff, who make the concept of the school a reality.

He also thanked parents who have the school at heart and are always ready to support the school to succeed.

Source: Anchorghana

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