Weija Youth Fumes At Saboteurs Of Empire Cement

Some youth of Weija and its adjoining communities are warning persons demanding the closure of the Empire Cement Factory at Weija Junction, in Accra, to back off in order not to incur their wrath.

According to them, the company is only aimed at creating job opportunities for the good people of the area and, therefore, they do not understand why certain individuals, because of their personal interests, do not want the factory to operate.

Addressing a press conference at the premises of the company in Accra yesterday, the spokesperson for the youth, Kwaku Danso, declared that they are ready, as youth of the area, to face off with anyone who would not support the operations of the factory.

Mr. Danso observed that there was no need for some few residents of McCarthy Hills to worry about the operations of the company, adding that the operationalization of the factory would not have any negative effect on the people of the area.

He pleaded with the people of the area to throw their weight behind the management of the factory to help them achieve their job creation agenda for the youth of Weija, McCarthy Hills and other surrounding communities.

According to him, the Empire Cement Factory, when supported to operate, will be able to employ over 13,000 youth and minimize the high unemployment rate in the area.

He appealed to the authorities, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to, as a matter of urgency, issue a temporary working permit to the factory to officially assume production.

On his part, a management member of the factory, Mr. Prince Annan, explained that the company is capable of housing all its employees and afford them with affordable conditions of service.

He indicated that speculation that the operation of the factory is hazardous due to the influx of dust particles is false, saying their machines do not produce noise, but depend solely on air conditioners.

Mr. Danso observed that there was no need for the residents of McCarthy Hill to worry since the operationalization of the factory will not have any negative effect on their health.

Source: Anchorghana

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