Pastor,Chief Arrested …Over Murder Of Missing Trainee Nurse

A 25-year-old trainee nurse, Georgina AsorBotchwey, has been gruesomely murdered at Mankessim in the Central Region.

According to reports, Georgina had allegedly traveled to the region for an interview in Cape Coast, but failed to return toYejiin the Bono East Region, where she was said to have come from.

Her whereabouts had been a subject matter, especially on social media, after it was shared on the popular Facebook page ‘Tell It All.’

But on Tuesday September 20, a pastor in Mankessim was arrested,after he confessed to helping a chief kidnap, kill and secretly bury the deceased.

The body of Georgina Asor Botchwey was exhumed by the pastor and police investigators on Tuesday in the room of Nana Crack, the Tufuhene of EkumfiAkwakrom.

The chief, who also serves as the president of the Mankessim Traders Association, and the pastor, according to information gathered by the media, kidnapped the nurse after engaging in sexual acts with her.

After theirdastardly deeds, the two men were said to have killed her and buried her in one of the chief’s apartments.

The pastor was arrested in Cape Coast and admitted to the crime. He then led the police to the chief’s residence, where the victim’s body was exhumed.

There had been reports in Mankessim announcing Miss Asor Botchwey was missing.

The notice read, “Georgina Botchwey went for an interview at Cape Coast on Wednesday and up till now she cannot be found; her phone is off. Please, anybody with information about her should call 0208503126 or 0247048711“.

Although earlier reports had suggested that the now deceased, had come from Yeji,yet hours after leaving for the said interview, attempts to reach her proved futile.

Social media influencer Nana Tea shared the information on ‘Tell It All’ saying “Missing person….. Georgina AsorBotchwey from Yeji.

She went for interview at Ankaful nursing training school at Cape Coast on Wednesday, since then we didn’t hear from her number too is off. Her phone is also off. Kindly share.”

He posted the alarming information on September 12 with pictures of Georgina. But on Tuesday September 20, the social media influencer suddenly came up with the latest on the issue.

He posted on the page “Update on the missing nurse from Yeji to Cape Coast for the interview. She was found dead. All I can say is. Let’s be careful out there. Kidnappers are all over. Always give update to your family\friends when boarding known or unknown cars.”

The victim’s body was reportedly buried nearly three weeks ago.

Along with the body, the victim’s bag, shoes and other possessions were also found at the chief’s house.

Residents are requesting that the police ensure that justice is served after expressing their surprise and outrage at the incident.

A resident asked, “How on earth will a chief get involved in such a horrible act?”

The town was thrown into a state of shock with people trooping to see where the body of the trainee nurse was secretly buried.

Cephas Arthur, an assemblyman for the area, urged the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to increase security in Mankessim and its surroundings.

He claimed that this is not the first time that something like that has occurred in Mankessim.

“This is the fifth occurrence of this kind of incident this year. I’m requesting that the police ensure justice is served and the chief and pastor are brought to justice,” he said.

The victim’s body has been deposited in the mortuary of the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital for preservation and autopsy.

Source: Anchorghana

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