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Ghanaian Engineers To Take Control Of Mining Sector

There are moves under way to get Ghanaian engineers to take over the operation of the country’s mining industry in the long run, the pa[per has learnt.

In line with this, and under the Mineral and Mining Regulations 2020, (L.I. 2431), the Minerals Commission is requesting for a submission of curriculum vitae (CV) from Ghanaian professionals, especially engineers and others in mineral-related areas, for employment where their skills are needed.

With that, the commission aims to build a database which will serve as a primary pool of a job board, for such individuals, who have equipped themselves with certain skills and qualifications.

According to the commission, the database is also expected to serve as a platform for mining companies operating in the country to poach Ghanaian expatriates, working in other leading mining firms outside jurisdictions such as Australia, Canada, USA and across Africa, to return home and take over positions to run the sector.

An advertisement document, sanctioned by the Managing Director (MD) of the Minerals Commission, Martin Kwaku Ayisi, sighted by The Anchor, said, “The database will serve as a primary source or pool of data or job board for Ghanaians with the qualifications and expertise in the geosciences, mining and mineral related areas, technical, trade/vocational skills and for any other jobs which are critically needed in the mining sector.”

However, this database will not cover persons with backgrounds in or roles in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Consequently, the MC requests that “any Ghanaian (resident and non-resident) with the requisite qualifications, skills, expertise and experience in the following areas should submit their CVs to the Minerals Commission through”

The areas include Engineering and Technical Roles, Environment, Health and Safety, Tailings Storage Facilities, including the review, design, construction and management, Mine Plant Maintenance, Mine Surveying and Planning, Plant.

The rest are Machinery and Equipment fabrication including Boiler making, Geology, Technicians in various fields or areas relating to surface and underground operations, Drill and Blast, Load and Haul, Machinery operators include jumbo operators, maintenance and repairers of loaders and various ancillary equipment/machines/plant.

While reminding interested applicants not to make payment to anyone before or after submission of CV, the commission was quick to add that, the exercise is not a job advertisement.

It cautioned, “The Commission wishes to inform the public that this is not a job advertisement. The Commission is not recruiting and neither is it assuring any person who submits the CV a guarantee of a job at the mines or any mining company in Ghana.

Interestingly, it further said, there will be no deadlines for the submission of CVs. Under the arrangement, the under listed skills will be needed for the building of the database.

The commission therefore advised the public not to engage with any person or group of persons claiming to be recruiting on its behalf or any mining company operating in Ghana, adding that “ those who deal with such individuals, persons or any recruitment agency do so at their own risk.”

The public should take note and be guided accordingly,” it added.

The document by Mr. Ayisi entreated interested persons to endeavor to provide the commission with correct details, especially correct contact details, as well as update their CV from time to time in the event of any changes.

According to the commission, it is committed to protecting the privacy and complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws and any CV that is submitted shall be used and retained in accordance with the data protection laws of Ghana.

It added that, with respect to non-resident Ghanaians, the CVs that may be received by the commission shall be stored and processed outside their country of residence.

It noted that “Once the CV is submitted, you consent to the transfer of your personal information outside of your country of residence, the commission shall take steps to ensure that your personal information is adequately protected.”

The commission said, while in the possession of the CV, it will give permission to the database to any mining firm that may request for such for the purposes of evaluation for a job opportunity or offer.

“In accordance with Regulation 4(6) and 5(11) of L.I. 2431 of 2020, the Commission may grant access to the database to any mining company and shall be password controlled. A company may use the database to process or evaluate any CV for a particular job or may use your personal information to send you job alerts,” it said.

The Minerals and Mining (Local Content and Local Participation) Regulations, 2020 (L.I. 2431) came into force on 22 December 2020. The purpose of the Regulations among others is to:

(a) Promote job creation using Ghanaian expertise and the retention of jobs in the country;

(b) Achieve and maintain a degree of participation of Ghanaians in the mining industry value chain;

(c) Develop local capacities in the mining industry value chain.

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Source: Anchorghana

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