New ‘Anlo Chief, Queen’ In Trouble, Face Contempt of Court

A legal practitioner, known in private life as Ephraim Agbeko Vordoagu and businesswoman, Mrs Confidence Haugen, who were purportedly installed as new chief and queen mother of Anlo under the stool names; Torgbuiga Wenya III and Mamagah Abui Buiekpor II have landed themselves in big trouble.

The two, including the Paramount Chief of Klikor traditional area, Torgbui Addo have been dragged to Sogakope High Court, after they were cited for contempt for allegedly disobeying court order.

Others who were cited include; Togbi Kpemini Gawu V, Agumenu Korkorto Dziekpor, Dela Goldheart, Torgbui Patamia of Srogboe, Manager – Jubilee Radio, Manager – Suncity Radio Station, Togbi Akwaa – Chief of Alakple, Togbi Dzisam of Nolopi among others.

The contempt case is fixed for hearing on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 for them to know their fate; after the substantive case has been adjourned sine die (with no appointed date).

The Anchor has gathered that, in the earlier hearing, the defendants were not present in court when the case was called.

The Court, also slapped them with a cost of GH₵5000. This was after their lawyer, Mr Samuel Kissiedu withdrew their application to set aside the injunction order since they went ahead to do the coronation.

A recent controversial installation of new chief and queen mother by the people of Anlo, amidst legal tussle, has put the supremacy of the Awomefia of Anlo State, Togbui Sri III in jeopardy.

The Anchor earlier reported how the controversial installation of Ephraim Agbeko Vordoagu and Confidence Haugen by the Loafe Clan of Anlo amidst legal tussle, has left once peaceful township sharply divided.

The coronation, which has since sent shockwaves through the indigenes, both at home and abroad, was held on August 13, 2022 at Tegbi in the Anloga District of the Volta Region.

Even though the coronation came on successfully, in spite of security concerns, it did not receive the full blessings of kingmakers of the Anlo State.

Many, including the War Lord of Anlo land, Awadada Togbi Awusu II were conspicuously missing at the ceremony, because they are allegedly not in support of the installation.

Some were of the view that, the installation was parts of clandestine attempts to undermine the authorities of the overlord, Togbui Sri III.

It is, however, not clear to a section of the elders, the capacity in which the newly-installed Torgbuiga Wenya III and Mamagah Abui Buiekpor II would be representing the people of Anlo.

Prior to the coronation, the War Lord Togbi Awusu II in a statement signed on his behalf by an elder of Adzorvia Clan, Chris A-Ackummey, explained that the Anlo Kingdom never had any chief in its history known as Togbi Wenya, as they questioned the capacity in which the new chief would be representing the people?

“It must be placed on record that the Anlo Kingdom never had any chief in its chequered history known as Togbi Wenya. The records are there and attest to the fact [that] there has never been a Togbi Wenya and, therefore, one cannot be created now.

We advise that until evidence is established of processes for selecting, nominating, installing and coronating earlier Togbi Wenyas and made known to the people of Anlo and the capacity in which the newly-to-be installed Wenya would be sitting and representing the people of Anlo, the planned coronation must be put on hold immediately until further notice,” the statement stated.

According to the Awadada, the issue is sensitive and therefore, called on the masterminds to exercise restraints and build consensus among the feuding factions.

“This matter is sensitive to the unity and continued existence of our people. Therefore, the creators and pushers of this idea must of urgency halt all activities and initiate a move for dialogue to build consensus on the creation of such a chieftaincy position for the people of Anlo,” he stated.

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