Kpando NDC Seat In Danger

The Kpando parliamentary seat being occupied by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP), Dela Sowah, is no longer safe for the umbrella party, due to the dwindling popularity of the MP.

In 2012, when the constituency was divided into North Dayi and Kpando, the MP, who was deemed unknown as a party member, shockingly became the Member of Parliament, beating old hands in the race, much to the surprise of many.

But, recent developments in the constituency, coupled with her poor performance in the 2020 general election, confirm the lawmaker’s unpopularity.

In the elections, the lawmaker managed to garner only 49.46% (13, 582) of total valid votes, the lowest in the history of the party, since 1992 and in stark contrast to John Mahama’s 84.79% (23,099).

Interestingly, there were two independent candidates in the 2020 elections (also the first time in the history of the party) one of whom, a first timer, managed to pull a whopping 8,221 votes.

A combination of votes of all contestants against the incumbent (two independent candidates and the NPP candidate) gives a total of 13,880 with a difference of 298 votes more than that of the incumbent MP.

For years, the legislator has become unpopular in the eyes of many constituents, due to her alleged deceit and divisiveness.

Even though there is hard evidence of her unpopularity, reports suggest some regional executives (who superintended over the loss of Hohoe seat to New Patriotic Party’s Peter Amewu) are bent on ensuring she continues to represent the party again for the third time, for whatsoever reason the people of Kpando do not know.

Quite recently, the MP is alleged to have sponsored some elements led by a regional executive, to infiltrate the branches in Kpando, which led to some branch chairmen writing a petition.

The MP’s radio station, called Akpini FM is also accused of becoming a platform where internal party matters are discussed in public, with managers and chosen panelists’ penchant to insulting party executives on air, all in an attempt to save a drowning popularity of the MP.

However, in her attempt to solidify her hold on the constituency, the MP allegedly made a bold move of removing all executives who she felt were not in her favour, during the 2014 branch and constituency elections.

A failed-attempt that became the start of major division in the Kpando Constituency, till date.

Coupled with her incompetence, her alleged divisiveness has cost the NDC’s votes, especially, with regards to the parliamentary elections since 2016.

The NDC risks going down in Kpando if it fails to see the writings on the wall, and take necessary steps to save the Kpando seat than its occupant.

Indications are that, the Kpando seat has become endangered and likely to be pounced on, by opponents, and snatch it from the NDC, just like in the case of Hohoe.



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