Anas Is Forgiven For Peddling Untruth About Me- Bissue

Former Secretary to the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining (IMCIM), Charles Bissue says he’s forgiven Anas Aremeyaw Anas for publishing untruth about him in the most controversial Galamsey fraud exposé. According to him, Ghanaians have learnt over the past years since the braoscast, the mischievousness and blackmail Anas and his team perpetuated.

For over three years since the documentary was aired, Mr Bissue had kept his cool waiting on the various state investigative bodies to exhaust their investigation. The Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service had long exonerated him of the allegations.

Asked if he would consider any legal action over the matter, especially for the damage done to his personality, Mr Bissue said “I’ve forgiven him [Ana’s]. Everybody saw what went on…and you could tell it was a setup.”

“I have a right to do that [take legal action] but what the society have seen is enough. Criminal or legal suits matters have no limitation clause. That can be triggered anytime. But for me as it stands now I leave it for the general public,” he told Joy News’ Samuel Kojo Brace.

Anas’ Galamsey fraud exposé alleged that Mr Bissue took a bribe to circumvent the renewal license for ORR Resources, a small scale mining company in Ghana He alleged that Mr Bissue received bribe amounting to GH35,000 through Andy Owusu.

Persistently, Mr Bissue has debunk that claim, stressing the alleged bribe was a donation from Chairman Wontumi for an NPP event organised by the Western Regional Organiser. He explained that there are no facts to suggest he took any money to renew any license as “my office was not responsible for that…it is the sole authority of the Minerals Commission, and we [IMCIM] don’t issue or renew licenses”.

He disclosed that the video footage of him taking money was “cooked” to create an impression of a bribery.

“I will always challenge this” he said.

According to him, it was a former employee, Francis Owusu, whom he had fired for various misconduct, that set him up. He indicated that Francis and his “team” secretly recorded the exchange of cash which was offered by Mr Wontumi for the party event, and doctored the content to fit their mischievous agenda.

“They secretly filmed me taking the money Chairman Wontumi sent to me but they edited the Wontumi out and speculated I accepted bribe from an unknown person to fast track his documentation process”, he added


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